What goes around comes around.

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Fashion intimidates me but your drawings make it very accessible. Can you recommend any other fashion blogs for the uninitiated?


I see you Breena! 

I’d start you off with some fashion photography blogs:
- jak & jil 
- the sartorialist 
- garance dore 
- le 21eme arrondissment
- all the pretty birds

then some heavy hitters:
- sea of shoes 
- fashion toast
- fashion squad
- style by kling 
- the man repeller 

and lastly some of my all-around favorites:
- because i’m addicted
- caroline’s mode
- columbine
- love aesthetics
- stop it right now 

From there you’ll discover millions more. Have fun! 



made this one pot thai pasta. poppin! will definitely be making it again.

I love to cook, my closest friends love to cook. Lots of things centered around food. <3


Chicken Pesto Naan Pizza

click here for recipe.

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